Connecticut Business Registration Data

Search for CT businesses registered with the Secretary of the State.

Frequently Asked Questions?

When is the data updated?

Data are updated on the first Tuesday of each month.

How does this data compare to statistics reported elsewhere?

The primary purpose of this portal is to enable easy lookup of business records. The complexity of how business activity is tracked and recorded makes certain types of searches more difficult. For example, we provide the ability to limit search results by date of origin. However, the date of origin does not necessarily correspond to when a business formally exists as a legal, operating entity according to existing legislation and the Secretary of the State. This makes calculating business "starts" somewhat subjective and possibly dependent on choosing from multiple dates as the date of formation. The Connecticut Secretary of the State remains the official source for data on business activity in Connecticut.

How far back does the data go?

The oldest company in the database is from 1803, therefore, the search goes as far back as that year. However, most business dating back to that time are cemeteries and churches, so if you’re doing an advanced search by time, be mindful of the time period used. The more years, the more data, and it will take a bit longer.

What is a foreign company?

A foreign company is a company that is domiciled outside CT – so could be in another state in the United States or outside the U.S.

Where is the industry information?

In the formation filings, businesses are not required to indicate their industry (NAICS code), therefore industry data are not present in this database.

Which address is visible?

In the table of search results, the business address is provided if it is in the record, if not, the mailing address will be listed, and if no address is present in the filings, than an address will not appear in the table.

Is there an API?

Not yet. We are exploring technical issues related to building an API. If you are interested, please leave feedback using our feedback page.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via our feedback page or by emailing us